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I'll stand up for your interests when others are looking out for themselves. 

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I entered the practice of law, in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, with a passion to pursue a fundamental goal: to help people just like you who have suffered wrong receive a fair settlement. I know how both sides of the personal injury and workers' compensation world operate, having represented both plaintiffs and defendants. I understand the value of both physical and emotional injuries and have vast experience in litigating and settling claims in [Minneapolis, MN] the Twin Cities.

For Plaintiffs:

• Have his or her medical bills paid.
• Be compensated to the fullest extent possible for the wrong he or she has suffered.
• Recover lost wages resulting from his or her injury.
• Restore his or her sense of dignity and peace in what can be a most trying time.
• Understand what the law of Minnesota is affecting his or her personal injury and to use the law to obtain the maximum recovery possible allowed by law.

As an attorney, I pride myself on being both a counselor and an advocate for you in Minneapolis Personal Injury claims.  I will interview you personally to understand your circumstances and concerns, then evaluate your case and explain the road ahead.  Remember that you will pay nothing to Michael unless he makes a recovery for you.  This fee is roughly 1/3 of the amount Michael recovers on your behalf.  To examine the retainer agreement, which I will review with you in detail before signing, click here.  This fee agreement is the standard contingency agreement used by attorneys in the U.S. and allows injured persons in Minneapolis, MN to gain recoveries without having to worry about legal costs.